J&S Enterprise was formed in 2014 as a lifestyle brand and product development company specializing in customization and 3D knitting technology. The company’s first product line will include the Q series 3D knitted shoes for both men and women features a feather-weight, form fitting and seamless design.

Breaking the rule of the traditional shoe purchasing experience, JS offers a buy ONE by ONE strategy so instead of being forced to buy a pair, customers can purchase each shoe individually to personalize their choice of color and size.

As most people have a half size difference between each foot, this business model also allows customers to purchase the right size for each foot, mismatch the colors, or personalize their own style of lightweight and form-fitting knit shoes.

The traditional shoe manufacturing processes usually involves a lot of wasted materials and natural resources. JS Shoes utilizes knitting machinery which knits in a 3-dimensional method to only produce exactly what is needed for each shoe (no waste) and ensures a safer work environment that is free of toxins for its factory employees.